Spinal Cord Implants and Orthotics

Prosthetic and orthotics are devices that replace the missing or damaged natural motion of an existing or missing body part. A prosthetic appliance is custom designed and created for your specific requirements. The Prosthetic and Orthotic team at the United States Army (US Army) has the professional expertise, resources and extensive training to provide you a comfortable and effective prosthesis that provides you the strength and mobility you require and deserve. Each prosthesis is manufactured to strict, stringent guidelines to ensure it meets the most stringent of safety standards. From the lightweight and portable, the lightweight and durable, to the highly customized and complex prostheses available, from lightweight and flexible, to lightweight and flexible, there is something for everyone. 

Modern prosthetics and orthotics range from small plastic and composite splints, to the more complex and extensive prostheses used by the US military. Whatever your need or requirement, you can be sure that your prosthesis will help you live the life you desire. Know more about prosthetics at https://www.britannica.com/science/prosthesis 

Orthotics and prostheses are used to correct joint problems, such as arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. The orthopedic prosthesis is used to treat the musculoskeletal problems that may arise due to age, injury, disease, or illness. It may be used to treat bone spurs, bone spurring, cartilage problems, sports injuries, and even to prevent bone loss in the elderly. 

There are various types of prosthesis available today from prosthetics company in New Jersey such as the surgical procedures and non-surgical prostheses. You can choose from either a single or multiple prosthesis depending on your personal preference and your requirements. 

If you do not wish to use the surgical procedures, then non-surgical methods may be suitable for you. Non-surgical treatments include the use of artificial implants, devices and splints. These methods may also be used to support and maintain your posture after a traumatic event or accident, or after an orthopedic procedure or surgery. As an example, the titanium or bone splints used to fix a broken femur may be applied in order to support and hold the femur straight while the bone heals. 

Bone spurs may develop after an accident, or they may occur because you have an injury in the bone. In order to correct this condition, a device which is designed to hold the bone in place may be inserted into your leg. 

A bone spurs treatment from prosthetic companies New Jersey usually involves applying a bone spur stabilizer. In the past, it was necessary to perform surgery and this may have some unwanted side effects, especially if the bone spur is large. Today, there are bone spurs stabilizers, which may reduce pain and prevent additional bone loss and bone spurs. 

Spinal Cord Implants are also available to correct spinal cord injury and disease, such as a herniated disc or sciatica. In addition, the spinal cord may be replaced with a new system which has been manufactured to reduce the pain associated with a spinal cord injury or disease.